EUHA Members’ Assembly Spring 2021

DATE June 10th, 2021 IN Stockholm

Today, Karolinska University Hospital hosts the representatives of nine of Europe’s leading university hospitals in a digital meeting that will determine the agenda and strategy for the future. Cell and gene therapies for cancer, collaboration with regard to rare diseases, and improved quality of care by means of information-sharing are all joint initiatives for the coming years.

The representatives of EUHA’s members participated in a digital Members’ Assembly hosted by Karolinska University Hospital at which they finalised the first strategic plan for EUHA. Cell and gene therapies for cancer, collaboration with regard to rare diseases, and improved quality of care by means of information-sharing are all joint initiatives for the coming years.

Since the start in 2017, the nine EUHA university hospitals have been working together and learned from each other. Particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have created forums for discussion within various occupational categories to exchange on new developments and emerging knowledge. The creation of networks for information-sharing within different professions and for researchers, the creation of joint educational initiatives, and the promotion of international exchanges are just a few examples of opportunities that have been created by the EUHA. The sharing of medical results and the performance of comparisons between hospitals in order to improve the quality of care is also a key element of the work of the EUHA.

On its 4th birthday (10th June) we celebrated two major milestones to solidify the future development of EUHA. Firstly, we submitted the documents to the commercial court to become an international non-profit organisation (AISBL). Secondly, the complete strategic plan, including working plans to achieve the joint strategic objectives, was adopted. The two major themes are: “Leading by doing” and “Focussing on our unique impact” .

“Leading by doing”

We aim to be an influential advisor at the European level by leading the development of innovative solutions to the most important challenges facing European health and healthcare.

“Focusing on our unique impact”

We will design, develop, shape and strengthen the unique role of academic medicine to improve population health and healthcare outcomes through innovation, education and cutting-edge research. The strategy was developed following the results of workshops conducted in accordance with the EUHA’s vision, external situational analyses within the field of medicine, and interviews with staff and managers at all of the hospitals. The concrete projects that will enable the achievement of the strategy were developed in a bottom-up approach by the members of the EUHA working groups and networks.

The 6 strategic goals are:

  1. We increase the quality and sustainability of healthcare by establishing, sharing and implementing best practices, supported by benchmarking of patient-centred outcomes
  2. We harness the potential of data exchange by understanding our unique strengths and shared challenges, increasing interoperability and developing common approaches to help establish the European Health Data Space
  3. We drive the sustainable development of innovative cancer therapies by establishing the European Centre for Cell and Gene Cancer Therapies (EUCCAT)
  4. We engage and empower patients through data and tools which enable them to optimise their outcomes and experience
  5. We develop common solutions to challenges within rare diseases, including in partnership with the European Reference Networks
  6. We develop a Responsible Research and Innovation culture, through joint projects in clinical trials results publication, recruitment & promotion practices, and FAIR research data.

The Members’ Assembly was chaired by the EUHA president, Björn Zoëga, CEO of Karolinska university hospital, who commented:

“Throughout our presidency, Karolinska’s motto has been “Leading by doing”. Employees across all nine hospitals have truly embraced this spirit in their actions during the pandemic. Experiences concerning medical results and best practices relating to working methods and processes have been shared and disseminated by everyone in an exemplary manner, which has created tangible benefits for patients throughout our continent, as well as enhanced the EUHA’s role as a collaborative partner for other actors within Europe. It is with great pride and confidence that Karolinska University Hospital is now handing over the presidency of the EUHA to Barcelona Hospital Campus Vall d’Hebron”, says Björn Zoëga.

The next Members’ Assembly will take place on November 8th at the Vall d’Hebron Barcelona Hospital Campus.