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Healthcare Transformation Academy

The ongoing transformation in healthcare organisations requires professionals to be equipped with new competencies and skills in innovation. EIT Health together with EUHA members designed the Healthcare Transformation Academy (HTA) to meet this challenge. The HTA offers high-quality and affordable on-demand courses to skill up healthcare professionals’ knowledge and equip them to lead and join the healthcare transformation.

The courses offered by HTA are developed by and offered to healthcare professionals from organisations across Europe and beyond. Each course within each theme is developed by the hospital with the highest level of relevant specialised expertise in the field.

These courses will provide outcomes at the European dimension, such as:

  • New skills: Professionals will become active transformers and will foster innovation in their organisation through hands-on learning.
  • Expert knowledge: Learners will benefit from curated content developed by hospitals with the highest level of relevant expertise across Europe.
  • Networking: The learners will join a European community of healthcare professionals and will have access to the EIT Health Alumni Network.
  • The academy is a flexibleinstitution to provide continuous education all across Europe targeting all kinds of healthcare professionals across the hospitals.

    The programmes are customised and delivered according to the needs of healthcare professionals by incorporating all aspects required by healthcare practice, especially the patients' point of view.

    The main objective of the Academy is:

  • Filling the gap of continuing education in healthcare from within (based on identified needs).
  • Offering an affordable healthcare education.
  • Offering homogeneous training through European hospitals for every professional.

    Composed by five core team partners: Project Management and Coordination, Programme Administration Support, Design and Preparation of the Education Programme, Execution and Evaluation of the Educational Programme, and Exploitation and Sustainability.
  • Coordination

    Anna Sala

    Barcelona, Spain

    Vall d'Hebron Barcelona Hospital Campus

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