Leading by doing: the Healthcare Transformation Academy is equipping professionals with knowledge and skills to transform healthcare

DATE September 19th, 2023

EUHA members established the Healthcare Transformation Academy (HTA), in collaboration with EIT Health, to provide healthcare staff with skills that will be needed in future healthcare practice. In line with EUHA’s goals, the HTA upskills the workforce and supports the development, sustainability and resilience of healthcare systems.

University hospitals play a crucial role in training and educating the healthcare workforce of the future. Not only students, but also to provide continuing professional education for healthcare professionals. Current shortages of healthcare personnel, together with the growing demands on healthcare systems,  call for new ways of working to be developed and implemented, as well as exploring sustainable, long-term innovative solutions to drive a much-needed healthcare transformation.

Transforming healthcare systems requires healthcare providers to undergo significant adaptations while working with resource constraints. For example, healthcare institutions must actively promote a patient-centric digitalisation of healthcare, which, together with value-driven care strategies, will enhance operational efficiency while improving the quality of care. In parallel, innovation capacity building, forward-thinking, and effective leadership practices are vital means for healthcare institutions to engage and empower staff.

For a successful transformation, healthcare professionals need to be equipped with new competencies and skills. For this reason, EUHA members, in collaboration with EIT Health, have established the Healthcare Transformation Academy. The Healthcare Transformation Academy offers high-quality and affordable on-demand courses for healthcare professionals to acquire the latest knowledge on themes required for the transformation of healthcare and to equip them to lead the transformation.

The Healthcare Transformation Academy – Themes 2023

In 2023, the academy offers various courses on e-health and the digital transformation of healthcare,  leadership in healthcare, innovation management and high value care.

Digital Health Transformation

Digital transformation in healthcare is a building block of a patient-focused approach to healthcare and is helping healthcare providers streamline operations, understand patient requirements, build loyalty, and trust and offer a better user experience. For this reason, digital health transformation is one of EUHA’s strategic goals and an imperative for the transformation of healthcare systems.

Within the Digital Health Transformation courses offered by the Healthcare Transformation Academy, you will be able to deepen your knowledge of key aspects and apply them in real case examples. These courses have been developed with extensive expertise from Hospital Germans Trias I Pujol, Karolinska Institutet, TU Delft, and TicBiomed.

High Value care

Value-driven care is vital to achieving sustainable and resilient healthcare systems and improving care delivery. Implementing a value-driven mindset within institutions requires evaluating and monitoring the services delivered, as well as reallocating resources and investments appropriately to explore new ways of providing more effective, efficient and meaningful care to patients.

For this reason, the High Value Care courses developed by experts from Erasmus MC and members of the EUHA Learning in Value Working Group,  will enable you to learn about the how, what and why of value-driven care, patient involvement in improving care delivery, and the collection of outcome indicators. This course aligns with the EUHA strategic mission to empower patients with tools that enable them to optimise their outcomes and experiences.

Innovation Management

Healthcare organisations need to actively promote a culture of systematic innovation, by identifying problems and needs and generating ideas that deliver real value to organisations.

With extensive expertise, Karolinska University Hospital has developed the Innovation Management courses to equip healthcare professionals with the skills required to systematically innovate and transform healthcare from within.

Leadership in healthcare

Effective leadership is vital for improving the quality of healthcare provision, especially given the ever-increasing healthcare demands and the need for increased efficiency and productivity.

Experts from UZ Leuven have developed the Leadership in Healthcare course, which will help professionals develop valuable  personal leadership skills for their teams and learn how to drive change across an organisation.

The Healthcare Transformation Academy further emphasises the commitment of EUHA members to redefine their role as educators and develop innovative solutions to upskill the healthcare workforce. The courses support the adoption of innovation towards resilient and sustainable healthcare systems.

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