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EUHA Advice Programme

EUHA Advice aims to provide EUHA members with an opportunity to exchange expert advice and support regarding a specific challenge or question at their hospital. For example, a EUHA Advice contact can draw on their hospital's experience to provide a staff member at another EUHA hospital with an external view on a concrete project. Auditing and personal visits may also be part of a EUHA Advice project.

How Advice Projects Work

This new way of collaboration among EUHA members is designed to develop solutions to specific issues or projects with short or medium term deadlines. There is no limitation to any specific domain, e.g. topics could include information sharing on sustainable development strategy, advice for a renovation project, advice to prepare for international accreditations, etc.

To obtain EUHA Advice, a staff member from the inquiring hospital should reach out to their EUHA Steering Committee member. Consequently, the central coordinator Vera Asvanyi will connect with each fellow EUHA member to determine if they are interested in providing support. Afterwards, the coordinators of hospitals whose experts are willing to participate will submit their relevant contact details to the project leader of the inquiring hospital. In case of a benchmark study or information sharing, the inquiring hospital will coordinate the collection or inputs directly. At the end of the project, a final summary shall be written by the inquiring hospital and made available to EUHA members (taking into account confidentiality requirements).

Funding and Applying

The Advice Programme is based on reciprocity between EUHA members. Given its not-for-profit nature, no consultancy fees are applied; however, logistic and accommodation costs should be covered by the inquiring hospital, if necessary. EUHA Advice does not have a specific budget for functioning. If the scope and nature of the project require significant resources, collaborating hospitals are encouraged to establish a bilateral ad hoc contract.

To apply, any staff member can submit a request to EUHA Advice via their Steering Committee member. These are:
  • University Hospital Vienna - MedUni Vienna - Michael Peterlunger
  • AP-HP - Vera Asvanyi
  • Charité - Anna van Santen
  • Erasmus MC - Rosemarijn Steensma
  • Karolinska University Hospital - Anna Sahlström
  • King's Health Partners - Joseph Casey/Michelle Martin
  • Ospedale San Raffaele - Roberto Buccione
  • Vall d'Hebron - Fátima Núñez
  • UH Leuven - Johan van Eldere

Please specify the following information: Name of local project leader (you), purpose and time frame of the project, description of the issue and advice requested, and the type of expert profile necessary.


Vera Asvanyi

Paris, France

Greater Paris University Hospitals

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