Our work


EUHA works primarily through its’ member staff to achieve its strategic objectives. EUHA members have set up a significant number of working groups and networks in which over 200 colleagues are involved.

Networks and Working Groups

Networks are composed of representatives of the members that have similar responsibilities and serve the purpose of bringing members together to exchange ideas, discuss best practices and propose joint strategic priorities to the Members Assembly. Working Groups are initiated to advance specific areas consistent with the missions of the association. They are collaborations between representatives from each (or a majority) of the members and will define specific projects. Working Groups initiated by networks will report regularly to the networks.

The coordinators of EUHA networks and working groups are all EUHA staff members and are supported by their university hospital so that they can exercise their responsibilities. In addition to Networks and working groups, EUHA members collaborate through other ‘joint activities’ such as funded EU research and development projects.


The current EUHA networks and working groups are:
Learning in Value Working Group
Rare Diseases and ERN Network
Digital Health & Data Network
EUCCAT Working Group
• Policy Working Group
Nursing Network
• HR Directors Network
• Staff Exchange Working Group
Innovation Network
EUHA Advice
Research leads Network
• Clinical Trials Working Group
Responsible Research & Innovation Working Group
Healthcare Transformation Academy (EU Funded)

Under the section Our Work you can find more information about some of these initiatives, including those aligned with EUHA's strategic priorities.