EUHA’S Mission
& vision

The European University Hospital Alliance is formed by leading European university hospitals with demonstrated excellence in healthcare, education and research.

The vision of the European University Hospital Alliance (EUHA) is to build a network of sustainable healthcare ecosystems in Europe which achieve the best possible quality of care with the resources available.

To support this EUHA has formulated the following mission statement:


  • To promote excellence and innovation in healthcare, research and education, by comparing practices and patient outcomes, providing knowledge exchange opportunities for staff, and collaborating in research and development projects.
  • To emphasize the essential role of university hospitals within health systems by formulating and offering advice to policymakers and interacting with industry, patient organisations and other health care stakeholders.

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 The European University Hospital Alliance (EUHA) is a close network that consists of some of Europe’s leading university hospitals that have a strong track record of excellence in tertiary care, research and education.


In particular they:

  • Have a structural and longstanding collaboration with a medical faculty or medical university.
  • Are a leading hospital or health system in its country due to the comprehensive scope of medical specialities provided, tertiary care activity and the volume of patient contacts.
  • Are considered a leading centre for medical training in its country as proven by the number of medical students and doctors training to become specialists through an official accredited MD programme and the right to award doctoral degrees.
  • Are a renowned centre for biomedical, translational and clinical research as demonstrated by the number and quality of research programmes, publications, grants, etc.

EUHA aims to expand its membership, but remain a close cooperation between excellent university hospitals. Therefore, EUHA will bi-annually invite one or a few leading European University Hospitals to complement its membership. This process is led by the Member’s Assembly and executed by the Steering Committee.


The European University Hospital Alliance is a members’ organisation which operates primarily through its members, supported by the EUHA Office and directed by the Steering Committee. EUHA’s initiatives take place in its working groups and networks about which you can read more here.


EUHA is governed by the Members’ Assembly, which meets twice a year to set strategic priorities and review Alliance activity. At the Members’ Assembly, each of the members is formally represented by their CEO. Every six months a rotating presidency will be the face of EUHA. EUHA is a platform for “official projects”, as determined by the Members’ Assembly, but also allows for informal collaborations (e.g. exchange of ideas, sharing of best practices, visits, etc.) at all levels and within all roles of the member institutions. The serving EUHA president-elect is Patrik Rossi, representative CEO for Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm.


The Steering Committee is the executive board of EUHA, which includes the president and the president-elect and a representative for each EUHA member. The representative of each member in the Steering Committee is also the operational focal point for their university hospital. As such he/she takes part in overseeing the progress of EUHA’s activities, promotes and facilitates projects in their university hospital and supports the general development of EUHA. They also are a link to the Alliance CEOs.


The EUHA Office drives and coordinates alliance activities, manages communication, and coordinates the development of broader stakeholder relations and policy advice at the European level. At the moment, the Office is formed by EUHA Secretary-General, Johan Van Eldere, Alliance Manager, Lynn Seveke, and Project and Communications Officer, Martina Garriga.  





The Office and Steering Committee consist of the following people:

The European University Hospital Alliance is registered as a not-for profit international association (IVZW/AISBL). Number 0772.718.430, EUHA’s seat is at Warmoesberg 26, 1000 Brussels, Belgium.