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Rethinking Healthcare Systems

In today's Europe, the healthcare sector is confronted with significant challenges, including growing workforce shortages, intensifying care demands, an ageing population, unstable political environments, and rising treatment costs, all of which threaten the sustainability and resilience of European healthcare systems.

Europe’s healthcare sector is suffering from an increasing workforce shortage, the growing need for care of a rapidly ageing population, stagnating healthcare budgets and the increasing cost of new very expensive treatments. All these factors are threatening the sustainability and equity of the European healthcare model. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown that healthcare systems worldwide and in Europe, are ill-prepared for major health emergencies. This lack of preparedness will substantially increase the health and adverse economic impacts of possible future emergencies such as pandemics, war, or climate change. Despite healthcare being a national competence in the EU, the cross-border nature of these challenges warrants an EU-wide approach and collaboration. This is reinforced by the urgency of finding solutions, with many health reforms taking anywhere between 10-30 years to reach their full impact.

How Can European Healthcare Systms Prepare for and Respond to New Healthcare Emergencies with Limited Resources?

In 2023, the EUHA Members' Assembly recognised the importance of university hospitals developing solutions and innovative approaches to address these challenges. For this reason, EUHA initiated a strategic process of Rethinking Healthcare Systems with a workshop at Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin , preceded by a webinar on "Resilient Healthcare Systems" co-organised with the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. Consequently, in June 2023, EUHA adopted as a strategic objective to support the development, resilience, and sustainability of European healthcare systems.

EUHA develops innovative solutions for clinical care and upskills the healthcare workforce to support the development, resilience, and sustainability of European healthcare systems.
EUHA Strategic Objective, adopted in June 2023

Now, in 2024, EUHA has embarked on the “Rethinking Healthcare Systems” initiative to inform and convince the public, healthcare workforce and politicians that a master plan for future-proof healthcare is urgently needed.


How is EUHA contributing towards future-proof healthcare systems?

EUHA has set up a series of events and activities that aim to increase the priority status of an EU-wide master plan to implement a set of comprehensive measures and actions for sustainable and resilient healthcare systems in Europe.

International Advisory Board

March, April, May 2024

EUHA has established an international expert advisory board comprising experts in healthcare systems, health economics, public health, and health emergency preparedness, among other relevant fields. This board will convene three times in the Spring of 2024 to deliberate on the necessity for healthcare system reform, the time scale left for change, and how to strategically frame the topic to the relevant authorities.

A tangible outcome of the discussions will be an EUHA Declaration that will outline the elements needed for a transformation at the European level.

Meeting with EU Offices

April 2024

For the first time, EUHA will convene a meeting in Brussels with representatives from national EU Offices in EUHA countries, including delegates from the Stockholm Regional EU Office, the Central Denmark EU Office, the Berlin Office to the EU, the European Office of the NHS Confederation, and the Brussels Delegation to the EU Lombardy Region Government, among others.

The meeting will serve as a first step to elevate public awareness and engage authorities in prioritising the development of a master plan for future-proof healthcare systems in Europe.

High-level round table & Symposium “Rethinking Healthcare Systems”

June 2024

EUHA’s initiative in Rethinking Healthcare Systems will culminate in a high-level round table organised by Karolinska University Hospital, to which delegations of health ministries of EUHA and non-EUHA countries will be invited. Additionally, the symposium “Rethinking Healthcare Systems” that will feature discussions around critical challenges in Europe and how these necessitate an EU-wide collaborative approach. Read more here.

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