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The EUHA Nursing Network deals with the most current and relevant topics of nursing to ensure high-quality care for patients and to increase the attractiveness of the profession across Europe. In line with EUHA's motto “Leading by Doing”, the network focuses on strengthening the identity of the nursing profession, providing the best possible patient care, promoting a healthy working environment, and supporting nursing research, education and training.

The expert network for European cooperation in nursing

The Nursing Network considers nursing practice an integral part of healthcare systems. The nursing practice encompasses promoting people's health, preventing disease, and caring for those who are physically and mentally ill or disabled, in all settings of a university hospital.

Key nursing roles in hospitals include patient advocacy, the promotion of a safe environment, the prevention of disease, research and education, participation in shaping health policy and managing patients and health systems*.

See the specific roles of nursing in university hospitals below:

  • Strengthening the identity of the nursing profession for a common understanding at a European level
  • Ensuring the best possible patient outcomes based on the latest scientific findings
  • Promoting a healthy working environment oriented towards the requirements of university nursing care
  • Further development and networking of nursing research in a European context
  • Supporting lifelong learning in nursing—both at academic and non-academic levels
  • Goals and working groups

    The overall aim of the Nursing Network is to make nursing an attractive, independent profession and an academic discipline with a sustainable workforce prepared for current and future challenges in healthcare, as well as to drive innovation and promote the voice of nursing in European policymaking. To realize this aim, common challenges across Europe need to be addressed. For this reason, the network has defined strategic goals for nursing in university hospitals within five action areas:

  • Professional Identity
  • Patient Outcomes
  • Healthy Working Environment
  • Professional Education and Training
  • Nursing Research

  • In addition to these goals, the Nursing Network has established several working groups on the most pressing issues in nursing:

          1. 1. Development of specialisation programmes for nurses

              1. 2. Development of staff exchange programmes

              1. 3. Research project on the effectiveness of specially trained nursing educators in a clinical setting

              1. 4. Development of guidelines for nurse-to-patient ratio in combination with a caregiver-to-patient ratio

              1. 5. Establishing a EUHA Nursing Science Network

          1. 6. Development of a EUHA Nursing Mission Statement

    To achieve the goals of the working groups, the Nursing NW is in contact with other EUHA professionals to maximise synergies. In doing so, the network uses the resources of EUHA institutions to work closely with experts on Erasmus+, human resources and innovation, among others. A monthly exchange with representatives of other professions in EUHA supports the effectiveness of the Nursing Network's efforts.

    Nursing Mission Statement

    The Nursing Network recently presented a Nursing Mission statement which aims to make nursing an attractive, independent profession and academic discipline with a sustainable workforce prepared for current and future challenges in healthcare, as well as to drive innovation and promote the voice of nursing in European policymaking.


    The Nursing Network successfully coordinated an application for ERASMUS+ funding, resulting in the creation of EUCARE, a three-year fellowship programme aimed at facilitating the exchange of clinical knowledge among critical care nurses in EUHA hospitals. The programme's primary objective is to provide specialised crisis response training and establish a network of interculturally trained nurses ready to work across borders.

    EUCARE, launched in December 2023, involves the participation of all EUHA members, whether as full partners or associated entities.


    Koen Balcaen, Manuel Kristler, Katarina Meijers, Susanne Maassen, Maria Àngels Barba, Anna Maria Rossetti, Loic Morvan, Carla Eysel, Anna van Santen, Stefano Rolandi, Irene Batuecas, Enrico Dähnert, David Bayer, Roman Breuer, Emanuele Galli, Carolin Nymark, Sylvia Weinberger - Duszipiva & Atreyu van Esch


    Alexander Lang

    Berlin, Germany

    Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin

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