EUHA Nursing Research showcased in a symposium at Aarhus University Hospital

DATE May 24th, 2023

Leaders of the EUHA Nursing Network were invited as keynote speakers to a research symposium at Aarhus University Hospital on May 22nd. They presented the EUHA Nursing Mission Statement and their mapping exercise on nursing research areas in different EUHA members.  

The EUHA Nursing Network brings together the leaders of the nursing profession at the EUHA hospitals. They drive the development of advanced nursing career pathways and associated training, and strengthen nursing research.

The latter is an important nursing function, and, for this reason, the Nursing Network advocates for a comprehensive understanding of the academisation of the nursing profession and the development of nursing as an academic discipline in Europe.

To promote this, the EUHA Nursing Network established a Nursing Research working group which is currently mapping the different Nursing Research areas with a focus on patient outcomes among EUHA members. This mapping exercise will enable EUHA members to compare their different structures and experiences in nursing research and will be used to learn from each other.

For this reason, two representatives of the Nursing Network and the Research working group, Carolin Nymark and Katarina Meijers, were invited as keynote speakers at a research symposium organised by Aarhus University Hospital on the 22nd of May. During their presentation, Katarina and Carolin highlighted the ways in which EUHA and the Nursing Network address common challenges and emphasised EUHA’s proactive approach to finding solutions.

As mentioned by Carolin Nymark,

The EUHA membership makes our hospitals much closer to each other, because as members, we can more easily cooperate on the issues that are important.

Carolin Nymark

Additionally, they showcased the collected data on nursing research from a mapping exercise conducted in different EUHA members. Finally, they presented their experience with international research, the benefits of the EUHA Nursing Network and their recently published Nursing Mission Statement.

As Katarina Meijers said,

Coming to Aarhus has been an opportunity to reach out and show what the EUHA membership offers and the possibilities it brings. It is exciting to hear what the colleagues from Aarhus University Hospital are working on, and what the directions of their research strategy is.

Katarina Meijers

With this event, the EUHA Nursing Network hopes to continue driving nursing research and collaboration across EUHA members, strengthening the profession, and improving patient outcomes.