EUHA Members’ Assembly June 2023

DATE June 27th, 2023

The EUHA Members’ Assembly was hosted by King’s Health Partners on 16th June in London bringing together representatives from all EUHA members, ten of Europe’s leading university hospitals. During the meeting, EUHA representatives discussed EUHA’s ongoing projects to address workforce challenges and sustainable healthcare systems, reviewed the progress of EUHA working groups and networks, and discussed EUHA’s organisational and operational developments.

At the twice-yearly Members’ Assembly, representatives from each EUHA member, including their CEOs and EUHA Steering Committee members, decide on EUHA’s agenda and long-term plan. Together, the CEOs provide direction for the EUHA Steering Committee, networks and working groups.

This June’s assembly took place on Friday 16th June in London and was chaired by Prof Ian Abbs, CEO of Guy’s and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust (one of the four partners of King’s Health Partners) and serving as EUHA president at the time.

First Members’ Assembly including EUHA’s newest member Aarhus University Hospital

The Assembly marked the first participation of colleagues from Aarhus University Hospital, who joined EUHA in November 2022. Since joining, Aarhus has made substantial contributions to EUHA, particularly in the development of EUHA’s strategic relationship with the EU. Many colleagues from Aarhus have already joined and are actively contributing to EUHA working groups and networks, providing their valuable expertise.

As Diana Riknagel (member of the Steering Committee from Aarhus University Hospital) mentions:

We were looking forward to joining the Members’ Assembly in London and meeting the newly established relations in person. The first assembly was a welcomed next step in developing the membership of EUHA for Aarhus University Hospital

Diana Riknagel ( EUHA Steering Committee member at Aarhus University Hospital)

Sustainable Healthcare Systems and Future Workforce

In November 2022, the Members’ Assembly adopted a strategic focus on developing sustainable healthcare workforce and exploring joint European efforts to contribute to the sustainability of healthcare systems. Since then, EUHA colleagues and the Steering Committee have worked on multiple projects and proposals aligned to deliver this goal, including a co-hosted virtual panel with the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the workshop “Rethinking European Healthcare Systems: How can we assure the sustainability of the European healthcare workforce of the future?”, which took place at Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin in March this year.

An inspiring line-up for satellite events

In addition to the Members’ Assembly, King’s Health Partners kindly invited EUHA colleagues to participate in a series of engaging events scheduled in the preceding days. The main event was a symposium hosted by King´s Health Partners in collaboration with EUHA, titled “Rethinking European Health Systems: Creating the Sustainable Health Workforce of the Future”. Alongside this, various EUHA working groups and networks also met in person during this period to advance their ongoing projects.

Additionally, there was a mini-course on High-Value Care offered by the Healthcare Transformation Academy, the launch of the ECHORM (Early Career Network for Health Outcomes Research and Management) and, of course, plenty of networking opportunities.

Presidency Handover

Prof Heyo Kroemer (left) takes over the presidency of the EUHA on behalf of Charité from Prof Ian Abbs, King’s Health Partners (right) © King’s Health Partners

Finally, at the end of the Members’ Assembly, the EUHA presidency was handed over from King’s Health Partners to Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin, who will hold the position until the Autumn Members’ Assembly in 2023, on the 9th and 10th of November. Since the current issues are of considerable importance, Charité will tackle them together with Sweden’s Karolinska University Hospital, which will take over the EUHA presidency from November onwards.

As Prof Heyo Kroemer, Chief Executive Officer of Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin and current EUHA president, says:

The goal of our presidency is to use and expand the EUHA platform so that we’re better prepared for future challenges in Europe, for example, new infectious diseases or crisis situations, and are also able to learn from each other to make our health systems viable for the future.

Prof Heyo Kroemer (CEO Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin)

Finally, Prof Heyo Kroemer emphasises how EUHA is an excellent platform for sharing information and best practices. As he concluded:

As part of the EUHA presidency, Charité is committed to contributing to the success of these activities and will further forge and foster relationships with institutions in the European Union and other international organisations.

Prof Heyo Kroemer (CEO Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin)