EUHA Members’ Assembly – Spring 2024

DATE April 17th, 2024

The EUHA Members’ Assembly, scheduled for June 14 in Stockholm, will be hosted by Karolinska University Hospital and will bring together representatives from all EUHA members, ten of Europe’s leading university hospitals. During the meeting, EUHA representatives will discuss EUHA’s ongoing projects, review the progress of EUHA working groups and networks, and discuss EUHA’s long-term strategy and agenda.

At the twice-yearly Members’ Assembly, representatives from each EUHA member, including their CEOs and EUHA Steering Committee members, decide on EUHA’s agenda and long-term strategy. Together, the CEOs provide direction for the EUHA Steering Committee, networks and working groups. This spring’s assembly will take place on Friday, June 14, in Stockholm and will be chaired by Patrik Rossi, acting CEO of Karolinska University Hospital and serving EUHA president.

In the preceding days, several of EUHA’s network and working groups will come together to share experiences and discuss new ways to strategically address tomorrow’s complex healthcare challenges. Additionally, on June 13, Karolinska University Hospital and EUHA co-organise the symposium “Rethinking Healthcare Systems”.

The central theme of all the EUHA spring events will revolve around the ‘Rethinking Healthcare Systems Initiative.‘ EUHA started this initiative back in November with the aim of informing and convincing the public, healthcare workforce, and the relevant authorities that a master plan for future-proof healthcare is urgently needed.

EUHA Network and Working Groups

On June 12 – 13, several EUHA Network and Working Groups will meet to exchange ideas, discuss best practices and assess the ongoing progress of their projects.

Symposium “Rethinking Healthcare Systems”

Rethinking Healthcare Systems is one of EUHA’s primary initiatives, and will be discussed on June 13 with experts from various healthcare-related fields.

The discussions will revolve around critical challenges in Europe, including workforce shortages, an ageing population, and the high costs of advanced treatments, and how these challenges necessitate an EU-wide collaborative approach.

High-level round table

One of the major highlights in the series of EUHA events is a “high-level round table” where several senior individuals from various sectors of the healthcare and business industries will discuss the urgent need to rethink healthcare systems, among other health and healthcare-related issues.

EUHA Members’ Assembly meeting

The Members’ Assembly concludes with the transition of the EUHA Presidency, where Karolinska University Hospital will hand over the Presidency to San Raffaele University Hospital on the 14th of June, who will hold the position until the Autumn Members’ Assembly on November 14.