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EUHA visits Helsinki University Hospital: Exploring new future-proof ways of healthcare

DATE February 15th, 2024

EUHA delegation visited Helsinki University Hospital to gain insights from the Finnish Health and Social Care reform that was implemented in 2023. The visit was part of EUHA’s ongoing efforts to explore innovative future-proof ways of sustainable and resilient healthcare

Kick-off of JOIN4ATMP: Mapping and driving European activities for Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products 

DATE February 12th, 2024

ATMPs are very promising treatments for the severely ill. However, the path leading to their registration and clinical use is long and fraught with difficulties.JOIN4ATMP, an EUHA-driven and EU-funded project, was launched in January to help accelerate the development and affordable access to ATMPs in Europe.

Kick-off for the European Critical Care Nursing Fellowship Programme (EUCARE)

DATE December 12th, 2023

EUCARE is an EUHA-driven fellowship programme that will foster the exchange of essential knowledge among critical care nurses within EUHA hospitals. The programme will create a network of critical care nurses at the European level that will increase the preparedness to face future disasters while helping reduce shortages by increasing the attractiveness of the nursing profession. EUCARE is an ERASMUS+ funded programme that brings together several EUHA members and is officially launched today at Karolinska University Hospital.

Leading the way towards the development of sustainable cross-border academia-developed ATMPs

DATE November 8th, 2023

ATMPs are very promising treatments for the severely ill. However, the path leading to their registration and clinical use is long and fraught with difficulties. Through the intense collaboration of its members, EUHA (and EUCCAT) is leading the translation of academia-developed ATMPs into clinical applications. This week, EUHA colleagues met in Berlin to discuss the progress of the EUHA-driven cross-border clinical trials that aim to address hurdles and create new sustainable models for ATMP development in Europe.

Leading by doing: the Healthcare Transformation Academy is equipping professionals with knowledge and skills to transform healthcare

DATE September 19th, 2023

EUHA members established the Healthcare Transformation Academy (HTA) in collaboration witto provide healthcare staff with skills that will be needed in future healthcare practice. In line with EUHA’s goals, the HTA upskills the workforce and supports the development, sustainability and resilience of healthcare systems.

EUHA: enhancing European Collaboration in the field of rare diseases

DATE July 7th, 2023

The EUHA Rare Diseaes & European Reference Networks (RD & ERNs) Network met at Karolinska University Hospital (Stockholm) on the 12th and 13th of June. The network discussed the transition of paediatric patients with rare diseases into adult healthcare, the integration of European Reference Networks (ERNs) into national health systems and the diverse methodologies for classifying rare diseases.

King’s Health Partners and EUHA presented the symposium “Rethinking European Health Systems: Creating the Sustainable Health Workforce of the Future” at the EUHA Members’ Assembly in London

DATE June 29th, 2023

Organised by King’s Health Partners and featuring many EUHA panellists, the symposium addressed the pressing concerns surrounding the uncertain future of healthcare, the current workforce shortages, and the urgent need to transform the delivery of care. From discussing innovative examples of tackling workforce shortages to exploring the role of university hospitals in supporting these solutions, the symposium fostered insightful conversations about healthcare sustainability.

EUHA Members’ Assembly June 2023

DATE June 27th, 2023

The EUHA Members’ Assembly was hosted by King’s Health Partners on 16th June in London bringing together representatives from all EUHA members, ten of Europe’s leading university hospitals. During the meeting, EUHA representatives discussed EUHA’s ongoing projects to address workforce challenges and sustainable healthcare systems, reviewed the progress of EUHA working groups and networks, and discussed EUHA’s organisational and operational developments.

EUHA experts gather to rethink European Healthcare systems

DATE March 23rd, 2023

The European University Hospital Alliance (EUHA) recently held a workshop on “Rethinking European Healthcare System” at the Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin last week. Considering the current healthcare workforce shortages and the increasing demands on the European healthcare systems, experts and leaders from across EUHA members came together with other international organisations to explore sustainable long-term solutions for the future of the healthcare systems.

Raising awareness and taking action for rare diseases

DATE February 27th, 2023

Providing high-quality care is especially challenging for rare diseases. For this reason, EUHA joins the global awareness-raising campaign, Rare Disease Day, to show solidarity with the rare disease community.