Innovation in focus for new EUHA network

DATE April 5th, 2022

An innovation network is now established as part of the European University Hospital Alliance, EUHA. Being able to discuss innovation strategies amongst leading university hospitals will be of extraordinary value in the common goal of transforming our hospitals into competitive and dynamic ecosystems of innovation” says Laia Arnal from Vall d’Hebron University Hospital.

Innovation is a pillar and driving force for improvement within healthcare, and one of the societal functions that university hospitals serve. Innovation units at the hospitals support their organizations in a variety of ways – strengthening healthcare professionals by teaching systematic innovation methodology and helping scientists take their discoveries from ‘bench to bedside’ as well as initiating collaborations with industry and other partners to really push the boundaries, leading the transformation of healthcare.

We hope this innovation network will become a smooth working place to discuss and promote initiatives of common needs. As university hospitals we face the same challenges, so it makes sense that we join forces to address those challenges. United we will enhance our ability to shape the best healthcare possible for the patients of tomorrow,” says Jeanette Tuval from Karolinska University Hospital.

The network is formed to boost innovation in its broadest concept. Besides harnessing the built-up knowledge within each organization and create synergies, the network will seek to identify common challenges and “lessons learned”. The ambition is also to strengthen the university hospitals role as influencers. Being one of the key stakeholders in the development of healthcare, the network will also focus on how to pave the way for future innovation.

“It will be of great value to share knowledge, best practices and foster disruptive collaborative projects.”

Says Jeanette Tuval

“It is indeed a good opportunity to challenge ourselves and our priorities when choosing the path ahead.”

Comments Laia Arnal from Vall d’Hebron.

The network is coordinated by two of the alliance members, Vall d´Hebron University Hospital, in Barcelona, Spain, and Karolinska University Hospital in Sweden.