EUHA invited to participate in the Risk Management Forum in Arezzo

DATE December 16th, 2022

EUHA was invited to join the session “Towards a European Health Union” in the Risk Management Forum, which took place in Arezzo towards the end of November. The Steering Committee member from UZ Leuven, Johan Van Eldere, represented EUHA and shared some ongoing initiatives within EUHA as success stories of European collaboration, relevant to advance towards a European Health Union.

The Risk Management Forum celebrated the 17th edition of the venue from the 22nd to the 25th of November in Arezzo, Italy. The Forum is an established event for the presentation and dissemination of best practices around patient safety and safe healthcare provision and gathers a wide community of healthcare professionals, hospital managers, scientific societies, representatives from the Italian Ministry of Health and members of the European Commission, among others.

“Towards a European Health Union” session

EUHA was invited to participate in the “Towards a European Health Union” session. The symposium emphasised the importance of the synergies and connections between European countries to reduce inequality of access to the best diagnostics and treatments, to respond to future health emergencies, and to reduce differences among the national healthcare systems towards a more sustainable, efficient, resilient, inclusive, innovative, and equitable European Health Union.

Johan Van Eldere represented EUHA and shared the successes of some of EUHA’s initiatives and the strong collaboration taking place between European University Hospitals. Thus, EUHA demonstrates its importance as a recognised organisation that “leads by doing” and encourages others to take up European cooperation as an important endeavour. As Van Eldere says:

“EUHA is increasingly being recognised as a valuable stakeholder in the European healthcare field and in advancing towards a European Health Union”

Johan Van Eldere (EUHA Steering Committee member, UZ Leuven)