EUHA signs the Agreement on Reforming Research Assessment

DATE December 16th, 2022

By signing the Agreement on Reforming Research Assessment, EUHA joins a coalition of like-minded organisations that are committed to reforming the way research is assessed and who recognise the variety of activities that maximise the quality of research.

The Agreement on Reforming Research Assessment was approved and published in July 2022, following discussions around its scope and content by representatives from European research organisations and the European Commission, in consultation with EU Member States and Associated Countries. The agreement, committed to reforming the current research assessment system, highlights the need to update research assessment procedures and recognises the variety of approaches, outcomes, and activities that are required to level up the quality of research. 

The agreement is closely connected with the goals of EUHA’s Research Leads’ Network, which is committed to promoting novel responsible indicators and good evaluation practices in hiring and promotion in research. For this reason, EUHA becomes a valuable signatory to the Agreement. As Roberto Buccione, coordinator of the EUHA Responsible Research and Innovation Working Group, says:

“By signing this agreement, EUHA signals its commitment to support innovative and relevant research by introducing responsible indicators and good evaluation practices to decision-making in hiring, tenure, and promotion, which will be based on de-emphasizing the use of journal-based metrics and instead focusing on the actual content and research quality, and by recognising the value and impact of all research outputs.”

Roberto Buccione (Co-coordinator of the Responsible Research and Innovation Working Group)

Signatories of the agreement commit to becoming part of the Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment (CoARA). CoARA was officially launched on the 1st of December and is very much aligned with EUHA as it aims to foster collaboration among organisations to share best practices and learn from one another.

Finally, EUHA hopes to continue advancing and promoting the implementation of responsible research and innovation by signing the agreement and joining the coalition. As EUHA Research Leads’ Network coordinator Núria Gavaldà notes:

“Participation in this process will help EUHA position itself as an organisation at the EU level and bring the voice of university hospitals, healthcare, and medical perspectives to this topic. Furthermore, it will facilitate information exchange and mutual learning among all those seeking to improve research assessment practices.”

Núria Gavaldà (Coordinator of the Research Leads Network)