EUHA adopts the Nursing Mission Statement

DATE February 20th, 2023

EUHA recently adopted the Nursing Mission Statement, which advocates for nursing as an attractive profession and academic discipline. The statement, developed by the Nursing Network, will support EUHA in developing unique expertise to improve the quality of nursing care, increase the profession’s attractiveness, encourage staff retention, and help drive the development of nursing careers in Europe.

The EUHA Nursing Network brings together the leaders of the nursing profession in EUHA hospitals and unique expertise to provide highly specialised care, strengthen nursing research and drive the development of advanced nursing career pathways and associated training. For the past few months, the network has been working on its Nursing Network Mission Statement, which aims to make nursing an attractive, independent profession and academic discipline with a sustainable workforce prepared for current and future challenges in healthcare. The statement also aims to drive innovation and promote the voice of nursing in European policymaking.

During EUHA’s Members Assembly in November 2022, representatives of the EUHA Nursing Network presented the statement to the executive and steering boards of the alliance, who expressed great interest and approved the statement for publication.

The mission statement considers nursing practice an integral part of healthcare systems and has defined strategic goals for nursing in university hospitals within five action areas:

Professional Identity

To strengthen the identity and visibility of the nursing profession by reaching a common understanding of the nurses’ skills, responsibilities, and leadership as well as empowering them to participate in decision-making.

Patient Outcomes

To promote evidence-based and care-sensitive indicators to improve patient outcomes in tangible ways.

Healthy Working Environment

To support interprofessional collaboration and the development of safe staffing models and innovative solutions to prioritise nurses’ well-being and resilience.

Professional Education and Training

To promote continuous education and training as a key element of the nursing career, as well as to develop new programs that address scientific progress and innovation in medicine and healthcare.

Nursing Research

To advocate for the academisation of the nursing profession at a European level.

As Alexander Lang, coordinator of the EUHA Nursing NW mentions:

With our mission statement, the EUHA Nursing Network provides a common mission across all EUHA hospitals. This common consensus sets out our strategic goals and, at the same time, identifies five action areas in which EUHA wants to further develop the profession of nursing. In this way, the EUHA Nursing Network wants to continue to focus on European cooperation to offer the best possible quality of care for our patients, create the best possible working conditions for our employees and prepare for the challenges of the future

Alexander Lang